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Vicopisano Torre dell'Orologio Vicopisano

The medieval village of Vicopisano is part of the environmental and natural Monti Pisani, on which lies a large part of its territory. Due to its strategic position Vico has always played a decisive role as a frontier castle during the war between Pisa, Lucca and Florence. Unlike other castles in the area, whose military defenses were dismantled by the Florentines, the castle was fortified in 1440 by the architect Filippo Brunelleschi.

Vicopisano has maintained the appearance of a fortified medieval heritage and has a remarkable among which twelve towers (XI-XV), two medieval buildings and the fortress of Brunelleschi, today reopened to the public with guided tours.
The first weekend of September, during the Medieval Party, the country remembers its past with shows on the road and a dinner of traditional recipes. All year round instead guided tours to a path that includes the Praetorian Palace, the Prisons Vicarial, the Historical Archives and the exhibition of the former Monastery of San Michele at Wart, near which stood the imposing Fortress of warts.

Vicopisano part by a path in the churches and parishes of the territory: the church of Santa Maria (XII), which preserves valuable works of the Pisan school, the church of San Jacopo a Lupeta, the Pieve di Santa Giulia in Caprona (sec.XI ), the Pieve di San Giovanni San Giovanni alla Vena, to the Romanesque church of San Martino in Old Bath, placed inside the thermal park of olive groves.

The water of olive groves, whose qualities were appreciated gà in the Middle Ages, stands out for its unique taste and is particularly suitable for sports and for digestive disorders.

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