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by sbarca in rete potenziato dall'enorme visibilità nazionale ed internazionale dello storico portale!!!


Pontedera - TOWN OF PISA
TEL 0587-299111 - Fax 0587-53292
Address Corso Matteotti, 37-56025


CAR: Take the Pisa-Florence, exit at Pontedera.

COACHES: CPT suburban destination Pontedera.

TRAIN: Pisa-Florence, Pontedera station.


Important industrial and commercial center, home of Piaggio, Pisa is located in the plane near the confluence with the Arno Age, is remembered from the first half of the thirteenth century as a frontier castle quadrilateral.

Belonged to the Republic of Pisa, was the subject of contention between Pisa, Florence and Lucca until 1293, when it came under Pisa.

Florence extended its power after the Battle of Cascina in 1364.

She gave birth to the goldsmith and sculptor Andrea Pisano, called Andrea da Pontedera.

The church of SS. James and Philip keeps a wooden statue of the Pisan school depicting "Saint Lucia" and sixteenth-century paintings, including a Madonna by Cigoli.

Elements of the late Renaissance are also visible in the Praetorian Palace, with arcades, the clock tower and several coats of arms.

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