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Olive Grove Spa

Uliveto Terme Olive Grove Spa

In the narrow strip of flat land that stretches from the north bank of the Arno and the southern slopes of the Monti Pisani, the spas of olive groves, where the water gushes out extensive health.
Walking in the park spa
Going beyond the elegant facade of nineteenth-century origins, completely restored after the Second World War, leads to the establishment, nestled in the large spa park.

The Baths of Uliveto owe their fame to the precious waters, popular since the early Middle Ages. Unmistakable taste, olive groves and water rich in minerals that make it ideal to eat during meals. In addition to facilitating and regulating the digestive functions is ideal before, during and after the sport as it helps to keep the water and salt balance.

Taking care of yourself at the Baths of Uliveto
The Baths of olives are the perfect place to take care of yourself not only the precious drinking water, but also relying on the work of professionals who develop wellness programs custom designed to restore the physiological balance in a natural way. Immersed in the green is a modern swimming pool where you can attend swimming lessons and water aerobics or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

There are many other opportunities to practice sports or outdoor recreation. You can attend a yoga or aerobics, toughen the body and mind by practicing martial arts, have fun playing tennis or trying out the archery.

A pleasant occasion

Vicopisano NoceUn stay at the Baths of Uliveto may also be a nice opportunity to visit the beautiful surrounding areas, featuring an incredible variety of natural environments. We move from the green woods of the Pisan Mountains to the beautiful limestone rocks that have, especially with the sunset light, a spectacle of rare beauty. In addition to the near Pisa, a place of great interest is the Monumental Certosa di Calci, only minutes away by car. There are also fascinating medieval villages, perched on green hills, keep intact a magical timeless atmosphere.

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