Guardistallo - Panorama Guardistallo

The strategic location between the sea and the green hills of Guardistallo is the ideal place for a vacation that alternate days of relaxation on the beach to trips into close contact with nature.

Born as the Lombard castle, after the dissolution of the feudal system and the redistribution of land has taken place under the agrarian reform Leopoldina (XVIII century) Guardistallo saw the advent of a new class of wealthy landowners.

Elena Villa was built in 1870, the home of Marchionneschi, one of the most important families in the area, and a few years after the theater, a place of recreation for the rich families and expression of their wealth. The Marchionneschi Theatre, reopened in 1990 after a long period of restoration, with its 180 seats and excellent acoustics is connected to a circuit of initiatives and activities that animate the whole show, especially in summer.

The area is particularly appreciated for its olive oil, which is dedicated in the Spring Festival Crogiantina, where the oil is eaten raw directly on the bread. Guardistallo is also the land of a thousand cribs, set up in the ancient village by the inhabitants and school children at Christmas time.

For a day of the search for inner peace is to visit the Convent of Valserena, managed by a community of contemplative nuns. At the monastery you can buy the products resulting from manual work of the nuns (creams, perfumes, soaps, liquors).