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Don Backy

Don Backy, aka Aldo Caponi (Santa Croce, 21 August 1939) is an Italian singer and actor.

He started strumming the guitar as a kid, after watching a movie, in 1956, the film "Hard Target rock and roll", in which Bill Haley sings, accompanied by a group of Comets, Rock Around the Clock: begins to sing usually with the group of "Golden Boys" (work by day as a clerk in a tannery for leather), using the stage name of "Agathon" and, soon, writing songs, until in 1960 he recorded his first 45 , recorded in Rome and self-produced, containing the songs "fly away" and "Only You" as "Agathon and the Pirates." The 100 copies are purchased directly from him.

A few months later he went to Turin, where it affects (this time with the group "Golden Boys", which changed its name to "Kiss"), the second 45 laps - even self-produced - with a piece by Alberto Senesi, "Bill Haley rock "and a version of" Do not be ashamed "of Giorgio Gaber sung in two voices - Everly Brothers-style - with Alberto, the fantastic vocal-guitarist of the group.

The following year he wrote The Ballad of Frankie Ballan, a ballad inspired by the story of Frank, his friend ran away with his girlfriend, Wally: music, very unusual at that time, the atmosphere resembles the Wild West. The young Aldo believes until the end of this song: he traveled to Turin to record it in the third self-produced 45 rpm (this time the name used is "Kleiner Agathon"), reserving the B side to I miss you, a piece written for four hands with Alberto Siena.

The record is sent to record companies and producers. The teacher said Mariano, partner at the time of Alexander Celentano (brother of Adrian), listen to the disc and send to Adriano, who is looking for new artists to launch his record company, the Clan Celentano, founded in that period after the termination of the contract with the Joker, but Celentano ball is the song that the singer. Said Mariano did not give up: after a few days and then returns to the disk Listens to Adrian, obtaining a second refusal. Only curiosity pushes Milena Cantù (then girlfriend Celentano) to listen to the disc, remaining enthusiastic. Celentano then becomes convinced of the originality of the song and the singer, so it makes contact with his brother a letter. The boy looks excited in Milan and still manages to be hired.

Ricky Gianco Guidone and other members of the Clan decided to change the name of art by Agathon and opt for Don Backy. The newly formed record label (March 1962) sends the first Cantagiro with the story of Frankie Ballan. On the B side of the disc is engraved The Fugitive new version of I Miss You with the text rewritten by Luciano Beretta.

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