Castel Nocco

Getting there

From Buti take the road that leads to Vicopisano. No sign indicates the fraction of Nocco Castle. However, the first cluster of homes that meets and is less than a mile from Buti.


Nocco Castel is a small town that still retains the core features of the ancient castle that once had the task of controlling the road linking Buti Vicopisano.
The castle took its name from a certain Nocco Bonfigli and distinguished himself in the defense of Buti in 1312. The solid substance of the ancient castle in the longitudinal plan is now only witnessed by strong stone embankments on which they had erected the walls.
Nocco Castle was part of an alignment of the defensive core Buti, dominated to the east from the Castle of Sant ‘Agata located on the Golden Mount and to the west, the fortress on the slopes of Mount Roccali, of which today are visible piles of stones square which was built.

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