Chiesa di Santa Cristina - Pisa

Church of Santa Cristina

Lungarno Gambacorti – Pisa
Tel 050-28038

Church opened for worship for the Jubilee 2000
Ancient Romanesque church of the eleventh century, as evidenced by the exterior of the apse is decorated with small blind arches. It was originally dedicated to St. Bartholomew, but changed his name when the relics of the saint. The facade has a structure common to other churches in Pisa, the interior has a single nave, with the typical decoration with white stripes and dark.

On the right wall you keep a copy of the wooden crucifix moved to Siena in the Chapel of St. Catherine in 1563. Before this crucified Santa Cristina received the stigmata while praying on the day of April 1, 1375. To the right of the church once stood the house where the saint lived for Buonconti several months writing letters of encouragement in favor of the Holy War.

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