Museum of Human Anatomy and Pathology

Via Roma, 57 – Pisa
050-992888 / 992894 @ g.fornaciari

University Museum – Tel. Department of Oncology, Transplantation and new technologies in medicine.
Free admission – Visits by appointment – Closed in August.
From railway station bus n ° 3 and 11.

The museum, built around 1870 as a collection of pieces pathological educational purposes or research, is an integral part of the Medical School. For over a century have been collected over 1500 specimens. Notable collections of malformed babies and vesicular calculations of the last century. The museum also preserves the records of 20,000 autopsies performed diagnostic feedback to date from 1884 and marks the inclusion of paraffin biopsies of 500,000. The historical museum has a library of 6,000 volumes, including the two valuable editions of Cruveilhier (1845) and miscellaneous original works Angiolo Maffucci (1848-1907) and Antonio Cesaris Daniel (1866-1938).

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